25 September 2010

Shalom friends!

Today we stepped into our first Shabbat as Olim Chadashim, new repatriates! This is very exciting and a bit unusual. Israel welcomed us with a bright sunshine and a pleasant breeze from the sea. But not only with these, half of Israel, relatives, friends, brothers and sisters in Yeshua already called and offered all that was within their power to help. And who said that Jews were greedy and selfish, knowing only their needs. Believe me, Jews are just the same, differ only in that, that they are chosen. Thank G-d that we are connected with then, with His nation! And so, some of them spent the entire day with us, walking around the city helping us find a flat to rent, as, they know what to pay attention to when leasing a flat, how to bargain and how to speak with the owners of the flats or real estates.

HaifaPraise The Lord for the Abramov family, who considerably eased our lives in the first steps of our being in the promised land.

And of course, Israel greeted us with a sequence of holidays. But on the first day of Sukkot, there was a terrorist attempt. Arabs try to ruin our holiday one way or another. There were no casualties besides one killed Arab.

Today, early in the morning, we had a stormy sky, with thunder clashes, but it never rained.

We entered Shabbat in the presence of 11 people. Almost all were members of the congregation of Tashkent and Almaty, plus two more from Astana and Zaporozhya.

I am explaining everything in detail so that your prayers regarding Israel would be specific and realistic. Pray for His mercy, and when you have an abundance of rainfall then remember to pray that there may be an abundance of rain in Israel.

I was glad to hear from some of you at the conference.

Hugging you with love,

Elena Falkovich.

Translated from Russian version

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