Shalom dear friends!

 A big thanks to everyone who was praying – G-d has heard your prayers and intersection!

 Today we had a short rainfall, for about 15-20 minutes, but what a rainfall it was!

 In Israel, because there is a shortage in fresh water, they have come up with ways to collect rain water. And it was a remarkable invented. Haifa is a city built on hills. This means that some streets go downhill, actually almost all streets. And when it rains, the streams of water flow down the streets. And where does it flow? Not where the water wants to flow, but where it is directed. It flows down into underground runoffs. That is how, every time it rains, specialists measure the amount of water that is collected, on how much the water level of Kineret has risen. This water is then cleansed and given into water pipes.

 Today’s rain pleased not only Israelis but also all the green grasses, flowers, trees, palm trees. They were washed and watered.

 Again, thank you for all your prayers and your faithfulness. But this does not mean that you must stop praying for heavy rainfalls for Israel. Let this be your everyday prayer. And may G-d bless you with rains of blessings upon you.

 With love in Yeshua,

Elena Falkovich.

Translated from Russian

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