Messianic Believers; who are they?

Today when people meet a Jew, who believes in Jesus, they are astonished; and sometimes don’t even want to believe in such a thing. One time, the German counsel saw an invitation given to a Jew from a Christian assembly and said to him, “you can be either a Jew or a Christian but it is impossible to be both.” Quite frequently, we hear, from the pastors of churches, that there is no need for messianic congregations; that Jews can just attend a Christian church if they believe in Christ.

I would like to ask these people, how is it, that you recognize the right for the Turkmen people, the Uzbeks, the Kazaks, the Uygur people, the Tatar people, the Kyrgyz people and people of other nationalities to have their own church but are not permitting the Jews to have their own congregation that consists of Jews and non-Jews? Did you know that the faith in Messiah (Christ) has its origins in Eretz Israel, and that the first messianic believers were Jews? It was the Jews that brought this faith in the Jewish Messiah, Yeshua, to the other nations. Many
representatives of other nations have joined the messianic believers, and the Universal Church came into existence. It was a combination of messianic Jews and believers of other nations that brought the light of Messiah to all the corners of the earth. Later on, the church started to develop an ungodly appearance. Christian churches eventually got rid of the Jews, and with them, all the messianic movement, right out of the very heart of the church. The church stands on the path against Israel and is rejecting the messianic movement. But along with the Jews, the church has lost all of its true teachings and instead accepted false teachings and cultivated practices.

Today the messianic movement is the combination of many congregations around the whole world and, of course, Israel; and God’s hand has created all of this. The Messianic movement does not receive support neither from the church nor from the orthodox Jews. The mission of the messianic movement, today, is to become a bridge that connects Israel with the church in one whole, indestructible Body of Messiah. God has raised the messianic movement, in these last days, to restore the Body of Messiah, which was born 2000 years ago, and to regain the power and glory of the apostolic period.

In the pages of this website we will share, openly, with you about what is going on in the Messianic world; how the Messianic believers live today, what problems we face and what we are in need of, today. We invite everyone who loves the Lord, His Body, and who loves Israel to participate in the works of this website. We will allow the possibility for you to express your view on certain things that are occurring in the Body of Messiah and to have conversations with Messianic priests that serve in other countries of the world.

Please stay with us….