When matter comes down to the Middle East, some well-known concepts do not work. No wonder they say – the East is a delicate matter. Recently, I have been watching the channel 1 news on the Russian television broadcast, and I heard astonishing news. Apparently, there will be a war in Israel soon?!

I want to make a clear statement about this matter to all the Russian informative resources. War with Israel, or rather war against Israel has been going on for the past 63 years; that is, since the moment that Israel became its own government here on earth, that was promised by God; the war has not stopped for a single day since. The aggression against Israel, coming from our closest neighbors, grows more with every passing day; as seen in the past few years and especially in this last year. Possibly, the Russian information sources are trying to inject fear and confusion in the hearts of the Jewish population, claiming that the mutual desire of every Israeli is to leave the country, a desire that is moved by fear before the enemy.

The problem lies within the information given from the first channel news, saying that not everyone has the financial possibility to leave, but those who do, have already moved away, awaiting better days in a foreign land. I doubt we can rely on such information, I think, that the vast majority of Israelis, if accompanied by the desire, have the ability to leave the country at any time. And far from it, not all wealthy people have left, and besides, it is not a matter of financial possibility, not all are measured by money. It’s more a matter of the position of the heart and the persons love and acceptance of his motherland. And believe me, Jews do not have a problem in this matter, everything here is how they should be. And no threats will scare us, and we will stay put in our homeland, and we don’t need any other land, why, we don’t even want another land. We are satisfied with that, which God gave to us. And those who are attacking us need to understand that they are pulling attacks against the Creator Himself, and He knows how to stand up for Himself.

The countries that claim to be Christian, at the same time support the right for a Palestinian state within the borders of Israel and say that the capital of that state should be Jerusalem! In your dreams! We will never give up Jerusalem! It is much easier to kill us then to force us to give up what the Creator promised us, but even then if that happens, we will rise again, just as we rose after the Holocaust and Jerusalem will be ours yet again and this time for good.

And I want to say a few words to those who are trying to inject anxiety into Israel, why don’t you deal with your own problems in Russia, for example, find out why there is an increase of the outflow out of Russia and an increase of influx of people from the former USSR. Won’t this lead to dictatorship of people that are not even Russian at all and will teach how Russians should live in Russia. And in conclusion, I will tell you that we don’t think about whether there will be a war or not, but instead how and in which way we will be celebrating the upcoming holiday Rosh ha-Shana.

Not a poor Jew from Haifa- Lev Falkovich

Russian version 


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