secret roomOccasionally, we hear someone saying in a prayer to God, impelling Him to move: God come here or there. This is somewhat strange, is God not ubiquitous? Is God not present everywhere at once? If God abandons a place, that place will simply cease to exist. Actually, the person is the one that needs to move. God has created everything necessary for salvation and the person must rise and enter into salvation, which God has prepared for him. In order for you to enter into salvation, it is necessary to do the most important thing in your life: to change your soul (your character). While your carnal soul rules over you, you cannot serve your Lord, you cannot bring fruits into His Kingdom. But the Lord says: “…  No one is to appear before me empty-handed.” (Exodus 23:15).

We must bring fruits in accordance to the will of the Lord in the given place and in the given time. You cannot perform a self-willed service and bring fruits wherever. Those fruits are wasted, and the wicked will simply destroy them and will say that there where never any fruits there. The person must move, not God. You need to come to the place where God has specified, and there you must serve Him. God is timeless, He speaks of what already happened, for Him there is no past, present or future, but we live in time and we must move in order to come to the place, which He specified.

Mary couldn’t give birth to Yeshua wherever, she needed to do this according to the will of God in Beit Lechem (in the house of bread), because born from her is the Bread, that came from Heaven. He who eats this Bread will live forever. This was her service, and she performed it in the place specified by God and in the specified time. Today, many have lost their inner need to serve, considering attending church once or twice a week as service. There is no need to speak about dedication. The words of Yeshua, spoken to the community in Laodicea, are spoken today to today’s congregations, “For you keep saying, ‘I am rich, I have gotten rich, I don’t need a thing!’ You don’t know that you are the one who is wretched, pitiable, poor, blind and naked!  My advice to you is to buy from me gold refined by fire, so that you may be rich; and white clothing, so that you may be dressed and not have to be ashamed of your nakedness; and eyesalve to rub on your eyes, so that you may see. (Revelation 3:17-18).

Yes, the Lord wants you to be rich, but not at the cost of neglecting Him! What must we do? Search for His Kingdom first! Our prayers often look very strange. We strenuously search for our own, and not His Kingdom. We form a prayer in the following way: we have a problem, that is tied to our personal need, in a prayer we tell God what needs to be done, then we say amen and thank Him that we have received everything. We start to do things to solve this problem, and when we come to a dead end we blame the devil. They say, when a person talks to himself, this is the first sign of insanity, but an even bigger sign is when a person asks a question and then answers it himself. The question is asked, why even bother asking the question in the first place?

Often, we come to God as if He were a magician or an illusionist. I want this, I want that, I want, I want, I want… I want everything, everybody wants, to whom will it be given? To him who prays longer! That’s it, sold! You must pray not about what you want, but that what God wants you to have. We must learn to want Him and to follow Him not because of fear, nor because we are thirsty for heaven, but because we love Him.

Blessings are not a series of good events, blessings are based on the correct order of life of people, who have understood how God works. God doesn’t bless by random choice, God blesses those who understand Him and work with Him. I am talking about the blessings that bring us to our goal, that lead us to His Kingdom.

Mary searched for a place where she could give birth to the Son, but in human establishments there was no room for the Messiah to be born. She gave birth to Him outside of civilized conditions, not in the hospital, and not even at home, but in the midst of animals in a manger. They were under the open sky beneath Him and His eyes were focused on the Father. When He was 13 years old, His parents lost Him during the time of pilgrimage to Jerusalem. People lose Yeshua and can’t find Him because they don’t know that He is always in the house of His Heavenly Father. The problem with most people is that they search for God in the places where He doesn’t dwell. The Lord said His kingdom is not here and there, it’s in you. Stop looking around you, look inside of you. We cannot see what happened to Yeshua up until His bar-mitzvah at 13. We also do not know what went on in the next 17 years, because the spiritual maturity, attainment of spiritual strength, is within, it is hidden from prying eyes. If you are still waiting that someone who surrounds you will praise you, will pat you on your back and say “today you were very inimitable, you really grew…” know this, that you sill have not matured spiritually. You still are in need of a prayer group, in order for you to be able to deal with your problems without an audience and an applause. You don’t need the thankfulness of people, you only need to want to become like Him.

The closer you are to Him, the more you understand how great He is and how distant you are from Him, and then you multiply your efforts, focusing only on Him. Everything, that I came to know about Him, helps me understand how much He is still unknown to me. Maybe today, three hours at Shabbat service and a couple more during the week, you consider that this is plenty for you, but tomorrow you will be extremely sorry that you had not given Him more time of your life, but instead spent all that time on your own empty desires. We search for relaxation, complain about our circumstances, but He says, “You have not yet resisted to the point of shedding blood…” (Heb 12:4). If we love Him, then we must serve Him, without knowing weariness. Don’t look for the acknowledgment of people, look for it from God. It is not so important that people who walk by don’t notice your service, that you do for His Kingdom. The service that you do, do it without attracting attention, because you are serving Him, not people. Your service is a hidden work for Him, for the sake of your love for Him. I don’t believe that someone can love Him and not serve Him. Precisely the secretive, unnoticed service prepares you, your character, your soul to enter into fullness, to stand up in full height, on the day that is destined for you by God. If you want to be in the front, you must first learn to serve others. God doesn’t discipline leaders, He makes servant who become leaders. After his Bar-mitzvah Yeshua had 18 years of preparation for service, which only lasted 3.5 years and His life was very short. However, these 3.5 years of service made Him King over all the earth for 1000 years. Often, we, in only a matter of days, want to prepare ourselves for eternal life.


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