One lady enters a hotel and addresses the porter: “Good day. I am Ida Rosenberg, I arrived in your city only an hour ago and I am very tired. I would like to rent a room for one night.”

The server gave her a hard look and said to her coldly, “unfortunately, ma’am, the hotel is completely booked.”

At that moment, a man with a suitcase comes up to the table, turns in his key and pays for his room.

“How convenient!” – the lady exclaimed, “I can have his room”

“Unfortunately, ma’am’ we don’t rent rooms to Jews,” – answered the porter.

“To Jews?” yelled the lady. “Who is a Jew here? I am catholic.”

But the porter did not believe her. “If you are a catholic, then tell me, what is the name of the son of God?”

“Well, that’s simple. His name is Jesus.”

The porter, still not convinced, asked, “What were the names of his parents?”

“Mary and Joseph,” madam Rosenberg answered impatiently.

“If this is so, then tell me, where was Jesus born?”

“In a manger, from which livestock ate”

“Ok,” said the porter, “you have convinced me. Please receive your room.”

“But now, will you allow me to ask you one question on this same subject?” – asked the lady, spinning the key of her room on her finger.

“Yes, of course!” answered the porter, happy with the opportunity to share some of his knowledge.

“Why was Jesus born in a manger, from which animals ate?” The porter thought for a while and finally admitted that he didn’t know the answer.

“So why then?” He asked.

“Because even then, there were jerks that didn’t rent out rooms to Jews!”

Russian version

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